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                                              Sample Test, Page - 10


Nation Aptitude Test (NAT)

58.Which of the following is a pair of films that CANNOT both be shown earlier than E ?
(A).     A and B                      (B).     A and D
(C).     B and C                      (D).     C and D


59.In case D and E are shown as far apart from each other as possible, which among the following would be true ?
(A).     A is shown earlier than B.               (B).     B is shown earlier than C.
(C).     C is shown earlier than E.               (D).     E is shown earlier than B.*


60. In case B, D and E are to be shown one after the other in the given order, the two positions from first to fifth in which A could possibly be shown are

(A).     first and second.                   (B).     first and fourth.
(C).     second and third.                  (D).     third and fifth.


Part -4
Subject Knowledge
(MCQs: 40 for NAT-II and 30 for NAT-I)


This part has different format for each group i.e NAT-IA, NAT-IE, NAT-IM, NAT-IIA, NAT-IIO, NAT-IIM, NAT-IIP, NAT-IIB. Some of them have general knowledge and Islamiyat questions. Some have science subject. So better study about the format of each of these groups for this part for better understanding.




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