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Punjab University BA Syllabus


Paper Political Science 200 Marks- Syllabus, Page -1


(Outlines of Test)

Paper – A:  Principles of Political Science                                               100
Paper – B:  Government and Politics U,K, USA, USSR and Pakistan            100
                                                                Total Marks:                       200


(Syllabi and Courses of Reading)


1.Political Science:
Definition, Scope and utility of Political Science and approaches to the study of Political Science.

2.The State:
Definition and elements, State and government, State and Society, State and Association

Definition, Characteristics, Kinds of Sovereignty – Monism versus Pluralism, Islamic Concept of Society

(a) Nature, Kinds and Safeguards of Liberty, Liberty and equality, Liberty and law
(b)Definition, Meanings and kings of rights, Fundamental Human Rights in Islam Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State.

Definition, Meanings, Kinds, Source of Law-Law and Morality-Islamic Concept of Law, Sources of Law in Islam, Importance of Ijtehad

6.Organization of Modern State
(a) (1)Democracy: Nature, Attributes and Reconditions. (2) Islamic Concept of Democracy. (3) Dictatorship: Kinds and Features
(b) Unitary and federal system (c) Parliamentary and presidential systems

7. Structure of Government:
Executive, Legislation, and judiciary

8.Political Participation:
Elections and electorate: (a) Adult restricted suffrage Methods of voting-Direct Legislation (Refrendum, initiative, plebiscite and Recall, Qualification of Voters and candidates in an Islamic Policy. Role of an elected representative.
(i)in a modern secular state (ii)in an Islamic state.
(b)Free Elections and its pre-requisites. Direct and Indirect elections – electoral, Districts – representation of minorities – proportional Representation – Functional representation

9.Political Dynamics:
(a)Political Parties: Types, function and role
(b)Interest groups: Types, Role in a modern policy, methods of political action
(c) Public opinion Definition – Development of concept – public opinion polls, Methods of measurement.

10. Theories regarding the nature and purpose of state
Idealist View – utilitarian view – Socialism, Communism, Fascism Welfare concept of state, Western and Islamics



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