CSS Exam - How to select optional Subjects

 CSS Exam has 6 compulsory papers and 6 optional papers. Selection of correct subjects ensures your success in CSS Exam. Sometimes it becomes difficult for students to choose optional subject because they either do not know the rules for selection of optional paper or they do not which subjects are good for getting high marks. This article will guide you about the rules of selection of subjects as well as help you in selecting the right subjects to get high marks in CSS Exam.

   Understanding the Rules for Selection of Optional Subjects

  1. CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers. Each paper carries 100 marks. CSS Exam has 1200 marks in total.
  2. Optional subjects for 600 marks are to be selected from the list given by FPSC.
  3. There are groups of subjects in the list. From each group, one subject can be selected. The subject carrying 100 marks has one paper. The subject carrying 200 marks has two papers.
  4. The list of optional paper is given on this website.

   Tips for selection of optional subjects for getting high marks

All the optional subjects are good. You can select any subject. Good marks totally depend on how well you prepare it for the exam. The selection of subject depends on your choice. Here are some guidelines for selecting optional subject to give a rough idea to the candidates newly applying for CSS Exam.

  1. Study syllabus of each subject thoroughly before selecting it. Syllabus will give you an idea whether you can prepare the subject easily or not.
  2. Select those subjects which you have already studied in your previous classes i.e. in Bachelors or Intermediate. As you have already studied those subjects in your previous classes, you will comparatively more command on them. It will be comparatively easier for you to prepare those subjects very well.
  3. Select those subjects which interest you more. Selecting of your interest will make it easier for you to prepare them. Having interest an area also indicates our more familiarity and understanding of the subject.
  4. If you have studied Arts subject in your previous classes, it is better to prefer Arts subject over science subjects for CSS exam. Arts subjects will easier for you to prepare. For instance, you have studied Sociology as a subject in your previous classes; you may select Anthropology or Psychology as one of your optional subjects. On the other hand, science subjects involve basic knowledge which may not be easily grasped if you have not studied them as a subject.
  5. If you have studied science subject in your previous classes and you believe that you are very good in them, you should select them as optional subject.
  6. If you are good at your regional language such Punjab, Sindhi, Pashto or Balochi, better select it as one of your optional subjects. These are generally viewed as scoring subject due to our familiarity to them as our mother tongue. If you are not good at those subject (regional language), you should never select it. Because you should know how to read and write your regional language as well as understand its grammar and vocabulary with regards to its utility. You decision should consider all of these underlying factors.
  7. Better spend some time on choosing optional papers. Never select subject randomly or just by chance. If you want to qualify CSS Exam with high marks, you should look at various aspects of each subject (i.e. syllabus, time to prepare, your interest, your command on it). Discuss it with your friends or teachers and make a wise decision regarding each subject.