ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)

ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) is a reputable organization for accountancy qualification across the globe. Its headquarter is in London, UK. Its national offices operate in various countries and thus provide offers this qualifacation in countries around the world.

ACCA qualification is an outstanding accountancy qualification which is recognised and valued by employers across the world. The ACCA professionals work at audit firms, finance departments, banks, industry, setups relating to budgeting, revenue and taxation, commercial organization, local and multinational companies.

   Eligibility for ACCA

  • A-Level with 2 passes and O-Level with 3 passes in five separate subjects including English and Mathematics
  • or American Higher School Certificate with alteast 50% marks
  • or Graduation, B.A, BSc, B.Com or equivalent bachelor qualification
  • or Foundation Diploma

Note. Students having ‘Foundation Diploma’ are exempted from first part (Applied Knowledge) of ACCA and are directly enrolled in 2nd part (Applied Skills) of ACCA. Students with other relevant degrees can also get exemption from some papers of ACCA depending upon the discipline of their degree.

   ACCA Program Structure

ACCA is divided into following three parts:

1 Business and Technology 2 Hours
2 Management Accounting 2 Hours
3 Financial Accounting 2 Hours
4 Corporate and Business Law 3 Hours
5 Performance Management 3 Hours
6 Taxation 3 Hours
7 Financial Reporting 3 Hours
8 Audit and Assurance 3 Hours
9 Financial Management 3 Hours
10 Strategic Business Leader 3 Hours
11 Strategic Business Reporting 3 Hours
12 Advanced Financial Management 3 Hours
13 Advanced Performance Management 3 Hours
14 Advanced Taxation 3 Hours
15 Advanced Audit and Assurance 3 Hours

There are two types of exams for the above papers: 1) Computer-based exam, and 2) Paper-based exam. The first four papers are attempted as a computer-based exam (available every month of the year) which as objective type questions. For remaining courses (Applied Skills & Strategic Professional Papers), students have option to appear in a paper-based exam or compture-based exam conducted in March, June, Septemper and December, which include objective type questions as well as explanatory/descriptive questions.

ACCA Fee Structure

The fees payable to ACCA, UK are as follows:

Description Fee for Pakistan
Registration Fee £ 45
Annual Subscription Fee £ 58
Paper fee (Applied Knowledge) £ 100 per paper
Paper fee (Appliedl Skills)  £ 111 per paper
Paper fee (Strategic Professional) 
- Strategic Business Leader £ 190 per paper
- Strategic Business Reporting £ 140 per paper
- Optional papers  £ 140 per paper

Note. The above paper fees (exam fee) are payable to ACCA, UK. Besides these fees, student has to pay tuition fee and registration fee to the college where he or she enrolls for classes. Tuition fee per paper varies depending on the college.

The above fees are for Pakistan for year 2021. These fees slightly vary for country to country as well as with year.

   How to study ACCA – Admission Procedure

  • ACCA program is administered by ACCA, UK.
  • Its exams are conducted by ACCA, UK in different countries around the world.
  • Colleges in different countries are affiliated with ACCA, UK. These colleges offer tuition for courses of ACCA and hold examinations in their respective countries according to the plan of program provided by ACCA, UK.
  • This means students in different countries may visit a nearest college offering ACCA qualification. Tthe students have to fill in a registration form to get admission in the college offering tuition for ACCA as well as for registration with ACCA, UK.
  • Students can also register with ACCA, UK by submiting an online application alongwith supporting documents.

   Flexibility in ACCA Program

ACCA qualification is a very flexible program. You have full control over the speed of your program. You can choose up to 4 papers in one exam. You can attempt first three papers either as paper-based examination or computer-based exam depending on your choice. The remaining papers are to be attempted as paper-based exam. You can choose to sit in paper-based exam in March, June, September and December. Computer-based exam can be attempted in any month of the year.

   Exemption of Papers in ACCA

Students seeking admission in ACCA are given exemption from some papers of ACCA depending upon their previous qualification if it is relevant to ACCA such as MBA, M.Com and so on. Exemptions of up to nine papers are available to students depending upon the relevant of student’s previous qualifications to subject matter of ACCA.

Students having ‘Foundation Diploma’ are exempted from first three papers of ACCA.

The students eligible for exemptions have to apply for exemptions and pay the exemption fee.

   Exam Dates

The paper-based exams are held in March, June, September and December. The computer-based exams are held every month of the year.

Minimum duration for ACCA is 2 years. Due to flexible nature of the program, maximum duration of the program depends upon the performance of the student in ACCA.