Start Your Study Right Now - Avoid Delaying Habits

It is pretty funny, but it is a fact that whenever students think of starting their study, they always dicide to start it from tomorrow. It is a common habit of students to say: I will start my study from tomorrow. However, their tomorrow, to start their study, never comes. Most students decide that they will start their study from the next day and they would do it for sure. When the next day comes, they again make a new pledge to start study from the next day. Every day they refresh their pledge to start study from the other day because they feel tired that day or have some other tasks to do that day. This continues for months until the exam approaches. Then they have a lot of courses to study and prepare them within the short of their exam.

This is a common habit but the students should realize that this is not good to keep on delaying their study and to never become serious about their studies. This affects their overall academic productivity and they sometimes end up getting less grades in their exams.

  Impacts of such habit of delaying study

  1. It wastes our precious time.
  2. It is like cheating our self by simply satisfying ourselves with false pledges to take a start from the next day.
  3. When we skip studies on regular basis, it becomes a burden on us with the passage of time. Then, we feel stressed during the exam because we have to study and prepare a lot of courses within the short time of the exam.
  4. Doing so, we lose interest in our study and avoiding study becomes our habit.
  5. When we skip attending our class lectures, we miss a lot of useful information that could have helped us in learning and preparing for the exam..

  How and why should you start your study from

Time is the most valuable resource for a student, and it flies and waits for none. A student should know the value of time and should utilize it properly. Successful students have the habit of starting their studies from the first day of their academic session because they know they have to learn things and prepare themselves for an exam at the end of the session. They understand that time passes, and it never comes again to be utilized again. Therefore, they utilize it when it is utilizable. They know being a student their primary and important task is to study and learn their books. They attend their lectures daily and do their study on regular basis. They never cheat themselves by satisfying themselves falsely to start from the next day and to allow themselves to waste time.

It is very important for you, being a student, to take your studies seriously. You should be able to do your study any time. Never wait for the ideal situation to take a start. Every available time is ideal for study but if you change your thinking style about it positively. You should take a start right from today and right from now. Do not cheat yourself by making false pledges to satisfy yourself and to allow yourself to waste your time. Time is flying and will never wait for you. Stop wasting your time. Open your book and take a start right now. If you cannot start it now, you will never be able to start at any other time.  

Therefore, do not wait for the next day. Right today and right now is the best time to start your studies. You can have many activities in your life other than studies such as watching movies, listening to music, playing games and so on. But your most important task is to do your study which should get more of your time, attention and energy. You have to give it preference over all other activities. You can also do your other activities but you should give more time to your study.

Never think about any excuse which may stop you from taking a start. Some of the common excuses made by the study to delay their study are 1) The weather is not good to start study today; 2) I am not in a good mood to start my study today; and 3) I think I should do my pending tasks today so that I can focus more on my study, and therefore, I should start my study from tomorrow. Please understand and accept that these are excuses to allow yourself to waste more time. When such ideas come into your mind, know them that they are excuses to cheat yourself again. Therefore, never make such excuses and take a start.

Start from now and keep doing your study on regular basis. Attend your class lectures on a regular basis. Make some useful study-notes which can help you revise your courses when needed. Have a mature and responsible approach to your studies. This will help you achieve your academic goal perfectly. You will be able to score high in your exams and to become a brilliant student.  

The spirit to start from now is one of the characteristics of successful people. Another important characteristic of successful people is their persistence. Persistence means to keep going and never stop even if you face challenges. Being a student, you may also face some academic challenges. You may find it difficult to understand and learn some topics of your book, but it should not lower your interest in your studies as well your general morale. All students have common academic problems, but the difference lies in how different students cope with these problems. So, you should know that problems are a normal part of life, and they are not meant to scare you, but to polish your skills. Being a student, you may find it difficult to understand some topic, don’t be scared or disheartened. Study these topics a few times until you fully understand them. If still face a problem, you can ask your teacher for help. Similarly, you can learn it from some other book. The focus here is on persistence which is essential for good academic performance. Start your study and keep studying on regular basis. If you face some problem, deal with it tactfully and never stop.

The purpose of writing this page is to highlight a common problem of students – to plan to start from the next day but never to take a start. The purpose is to convey to the student about the bad impact of this habit on their academic outcomes as well as to help them realize their problem and be able to avoid it.