How to develop interest in your studies

The only thing that enables you to study effectively is your interest in your study. Productive study is only possible when you have the willingness, desire, love and thirst to learn. However, some students may find it difficult to develop a love for their study. They may view the study as a burden on them and thus, they may only study due to the fear of failure in their exam which may benefit them very little in their academics. Successful students always have an internal desire to learn which helps them learn with perfection and ultimately score high in their exams. Here, in this article, I will tell you how to develop interest in your studies.

The only thing, that can bring a positive change in you, is your own style of thinking. If you want to change yourself, you will have to bring some positive changes in the style of your thinking. Similarly, you have to change certain habits and some external factors which lower your interest in your studies. Let’s start with the correct style of thinking for enhancing interest in studies. In order to develop interest in your studies, you should bring changes in the style of your thinking in the following ways:

  1. Think and accept that being a student you have certain responsibilities.
  2. Have motivational and inspirational thoughts regarding your studies.
  3. Think about how much sincerely you are performing your tasks as a student.
  4. Know the importance of education for your career as well the betterment of those around you.
  5. Take your education seriously. Think maturely and behave in a sensible way towards your education.
  6. Always believe in yourself that you can achieve maximum scholastic achievements if you study enough to do so.
  7. Being a student, accept the realities of a student-life. You may have certain problems (e.g. financial problems) but you have to carry out your studies even when there are challenges.   
  8. Failure in the exam should never discourage you. They are part of student life and can easily be dealt with if the correct approach is adopted.
  9. Never think you are academically weaker than any other student. All students are equal, but the difference depends only on how seriously a student take his study.
  10. Have a sense of competition to perform well in your studies than everyone else.
  11. Prioritize your tasks and know which is the most important for you – your studies.
  12. Set your academic goals and start working to achieve them.

Realize your identity. Being a student, you have to study your books and appear in an exam at the end your academic session – accept this fact. This is your job being a student: to learn things effectively and score well in an exam. This what a student is meant for. You may have many other activities in life such as playing games, watching a movie, listening to music, and using social media websites. However, your first and the most important task is to study – know this task and stick to it. No other task is more important than your study for you. You have to study to get higher grades in the exam and to become a brilliant student. Identify your this real responsibility being a student and accept it as your responsibility. Never cheat yourself by engaging in activities that waste your time and not performing your real task – your study.  

Develop love in your heart for your studies. Never see the study as a boring activity for you. Think, you have to study because you enjoy studying and learning. Never take your study as a burden on you but as an enjoyable activity for you. You should have that inner desire to study your books which helps you get more time for your studies by enabling you to stay away from other useless activities and helps you to do study with your full concentration and attention.

Be serious and responsible towards your studies. This is because your study is important for your own life as well as for the lives of those around you – your family. Your education is also important for contributing to the wider community (society) in different ways because education makes you a productive citizen. You have to become that successful person with the help of your studies – a person who proves beneficial for himself, his family and mankind. Your parents have great expectations from you. They have seen big dreams about your success. You have to work hard to fulfil their expectations and to let their dreams come true. This means you must take your education seriously.

Being a student, you have some responsibilities and obligation which you need be concerned about. For instance, you have to attend your lectures; study various books; make study-notes; and prepare yourself for your exams – these are all that you should always think about. These are the primary priorities of your life that should receive your more time and attention. You can have other activities in life too. For instance, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. However, these are secondary priorities of your life and should be given secondary importance. You can have some time for these activities to recreate and refresh yourself but not to the extent that they may distract you from your primary task – your study. You should focus on your studies more than other activities. It means to minimize the secondary activities (e.g. games, music, movies) because they waste much of your time. I am emphasizing this because nowadays these secondary activities are the main cause of students’ low interest in their studies. These are distractors for a student. Therefore, you have to seriously think about it and take some practical steps to be able to avoid these distractors. Think, what is the major distractor for you. For instance, it is the mobile phone which does not let you do your study because you always keep on checking it for new messages and notifications. It is better to avoid it at least at the time of your study by switching it off while you study so that you can fully concentrate on what you study.

Have high ambitions regarding your studies and have confidence in yourself to achieve these ambitions. Most successful people were very average people before they became successful. They became successful only because they were highly ambitious and had confidence in themselves. It means you have to set some goals for yourself and work day and night to achieve these goals. Being a student, your goals should revolve around learning more and more; and becoming successful in your academics. When you set these goals, feel motivated and believe in yourself that you can make great academic achievements if you work in the real sense. Always feel like in a sense of competition in relation to your studies and be confident in your efforts. This will surely help you get fruitful rewards.

Academic challenges must never lower your interest in your studies. For instance, you get a low score in an exam, never get discouraged. They are part of student life. Do not lose heart and try to make it again. Falling is never losing unless you stop getting up to try again. Losing is only when you stop getting up to try again. It means, do not quit trying again and again, you will surely make it. Similarly, if you have some complications in your studies such as learning problems. Do not be disappointed. Every student has some problems, and you are also a student like them. Every student struggle until they overcome their complications. You also have a similar mental capacity as other students have. If you find some study topic difficult to understand, do not decide at first sight that it is difficult and should simply be skipped. Study it several times until you understand it. Take help from your teachers and other books. Maybe you are constantly facing such problems, but do not give up your efforts. With the passage of time, you will improve a lot.

Remember! Your eagerness to learn is indispensable for learning effectively. This is because study requires a lot of attention, concentration, courage and sometimes even some sacrifices such as avoiding some favorite activities. This is possible when you have an inner love for your study; you take your study seriously and become a responsible student. Make study an enjoyable activity for yourself so you can benefit from your study in the real sense.