Where to Study – Best Place for Study

Normally, a student should be able to study anywhere such as in his room, in a library, in a study space of college or university, in a cafeteria, or in a crowded bus. However, some places may be better for doing study than others. For instance, a student may study more properly in a calm place than in a cafeteria where there are many people around. The selection best place is very important for doing an effective and productive study. Some students may take the factor of place selection for study very lightly but the students, who are keen on their academic outcomes and goals, do consider this as an important factor for their study.

There are certain aspects which a student must consider while choosing the best place for doing the study, as follows:

  It’s It is better to study at one place regularly – Don’t change your study place too often

A student should have one common place for his study and should always use that one place for his study. It should be purposefully viewed by a student as his study place. It can be a room in his house, a room in a hostel, or a study-space at his college or university. It should have a chair and table for doing study. When you study at one common place, it has a kind of psychological effect on you. It helps you enter into a frame of mind where naturally accept that this is your place of study and is only meant for doing study. It helps you carry on your study with concentration and attention.

This is why some students find it very helpful to do study at their study-spaces in their college or university rather than at other different places because it makes them psychologically eager for their study. Therefore, it is never advisable for a student to keep on changing their study-place every other day. Yes, you may sometimes study at other places when it is not easy to get to your designated study-place, but you should have one common place and you should see that place as your study place and should always study at that same place.

  Study at a place that has no or minimum distractions

The place, where you study, must be free from distractions. Distractions are those things which can easily divert you from your study. Your study place should have no distractions such as appealing colours, complex sceneries, kids playing around, or noises of television coming from an adjacent room. These distractions can attract your attention to them while you study and thus, you may find it hard to concentrate on your study. The study is an activity that requires the most concentration and attention. Therefore, these distractions may interrupt you again and again while you study. If you want to do an effective and productive study, choose a place with no distractions or try to minimize these distractions at your study place.  

  Your study place should have the following characteristics:

  1. Your study room should be well-lit (have proper light) and well-ventilated.
  2. Your study place should not be either too cold or too hot. For instance, if you live in some cold region, you should set your heater (radiator) for moderate temperature settings. Severely cold or hot temperature generally makes it difficult to perform physically and mentally well.
  3. There must be a clock on the wall at your study place. This helps you manage your time for different parts of your study, as well as to know when to take a short break when you study for long hours.
  4. There should be your all study materials (e.g. books), laptop (if you do study online) and things that help you in doing your study (e.g. a paper holder, some paper to takes notes, pen, etc.). If you have not these things, you will either have to go and bring them again and again during your study or to keep only thinking about them during your study.
  5. There should be a jug of water (or water bottle), a glass or cup and a few biscuits (or cookies) so that you can have them if you need them in long hour study.

  Your study place should have a chair and a table

This point is mentioned separately due to its importance for study. Using a chair and a table is the best way to do your study. The place, where you study on regular basis, must have a simple chair and a table. Sitting in a chair and placing a book or a laptop on the table in front of you gives you a proper study position. First, it enables you to look at the book or laptop in an easy way because you have them straight in front of your eyes. Second, it gives your whole body an adequate position to feel easy and carry on your study for longer. Using a chair and table is important because your overall body should be in a healthy position when you have to study on regular basis. Never use a bed or overly comfortable sofa for study because it does not give your body the proper position for study as well as makes you feel a bit lazy and thus, you may soon feel somewhat sleepy.