GRE Test

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. GRE test is administered by Education Testing Service (ETS) having its headquarter in the United States and regional offices in various countries to facilitate students appearing in GRE test. Each of these countries has GRE test-centers.

GRE tests are taken for pursuing higher education and scholarships in top ranking educational institutions of the world. Many colleges and school require a good score in GRE test for admission into graduate programs as well as for qualifying for their scholarships.

There are two types of GRE tests:

  1. GRE General Test
  2. GRE Subject Test

The type of test, you are required to qualify, depends upon the educational institution where you are seekin admission in a program. The college or school clearly mentions the type of GRE Test (Subject or General) in the eligibility criteria for their programs.

 GRE Subject Test
It assesses student proficiency in a specific subject. GRE Subject is currently available only for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English Literature and Psychology. It is designed to assess student's learning in subject of undergraduate level.

GRE Subject test is a computer-based Exam having varying number of MCQs depending upon the subject. For instance, the GRE Subject test for Biology has 190 MCQs in total. All the questions of the test pertain only to the subject-matter the that subject, for which the test is attempted.

  GRE General Test
It is a general test and is for all students coming from different educational backgrounds. It is the most common test which is required generally by colleges and univeristies for admissions and scholarship in graduate programs. Most students seeking admission in foreign universities think about this test.

GRE General test can be attempted as computer-based exam as well as paper-based exam in some countries. GRE General test has multiple choice questions. The test has following major three parts:

  1. Verbal Reasoning (English)
  2. Qualitative Reasoning (Mathematics)
  3. Analytical Writing

How much the GRE test costs?
Application Fee for GRE Subject test is $150 .                     
Application fee of GRE General is $231 for China, $213 for India and $205 for all other countries..

To change the date or test-center of the test, the student has to pay $ 50.
To get extra score-report card of the test, the student to pay $27 for each report.

When is the result announced?
Result of GRE test is declared within ten to fifteen days after the test; and can be checked by the student online.

For how long the test-score remains valid?
The test-score remains valid for a period of five years.

How to apply for GRE Test?
Students can apply for GRE (General or Subject) test online by making an account on the website of ETS. Candidates can also apply for GRE test by visiting the regional office in their country and filling the registration form.