What is a Noun?

A noun is an important term in English grammar.

 A noun is a name of a place, an object, a person, an animal or an idea.

Examples: chair, book, cup, hospital, room, man, doctor, engineer, dog, cat, David, John, London, Paris, New York. Each of these nouns is a name of a person, a place, a thing or an animal.

 A noun can also be a name of an abstract feeling or an idea such as love, anger, happiness, frustration, etc.


  • Names of things: Book, table, chair, camera, cup, picture, bottle, computer. 
  • Names of places: London, Paris, New York, college, cinema, hospital, garden.
  • Names of persons: David, John, Stephen, girl, boy, man engineer, teacher, doctor.
  • Names of animals: Cat, dog, hen, rabbit, penguin, bird, horse, peacock, nightingale.
  • Name of a feeling or idea: Sincerity, love, anger, happiness, frustration, etc.

   Usage of Nouns in Sentences

Names of things:

She is studying a book.
He repaired his camera.
I have two computers.
He opened the bottle.
She bought a chair.

Names of places:

He lives in London.
They were playing in a garden.
She works in a hospital.
The shop opens at 10 O’clock.
They are sitting in a room.
We will go to a zoo.

Names of persons:

David is going to college.
He is laughing.
This woman has three sons.
My brother never tells a lie.
His father is a nice man.
The dog is barking at a stranger.

Names of animals:

He is riding a horse.
She has two cats.
The dog is barking at a stranger.
A parrot is flying in the air.
I saw an elephant in the zoo.

Names of a feeling or idea:

Sincerity in friendship leads to happiness.
Frustration is usually a cause of anger.
Never go against the law.
His love for his country was remarkable.

 Nouns can be divided into the following types:

The above types of nouns can be read by clicking on them.