Love Wishes - SMS

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Life Starts with Love
Love Starts with Trust
Trust Starts with Heart
Heart Beats with Love
Love Starts with You     
Sometimes I feel That Someone whispers
Your name in my ear……….
Then I see around to know who is telling Your name
But I find no-one around
Then I came to know that
Its my heart beat
Each Heart beat Tells me Your Name
& reminds me you are my Love     
If 10 Persons Love You in the word
One of these person will be me
If 1 Person Loves You in the world
It will be surely only Me
If no one Loves You..
It means that I am no more in the World….     
Many People May Look Special For First Sight
Only One Person Remains
Special For us till the Last Sight
You Will Be special For Me till the last Sight     
I did not know what it means
“Love Is Life”
But when I am Alone
Then I get the answer
When In Loneliness I Feel You as
a reason for my Life     

Great Explanation of Love “Staring to love someone is as much easy to write a name on the sand
But carrying out & fulfilling the Love as much difficult to write a name in the Water”

(Jhon Keats)

Sometime I Say Why To myself
When I Start Thinking About You
The Stars starts Twinkling in the Sky
The moon starts glowing charmingly
Then I find the answer
I am in Love with You That’s why………     
Meeting many people & departing them
Is part of routine Life But
Sometimes someone comes into our life
When they depart us
They live us incomplete without them
It is surely those people who really cared for us
And that’s why remained center of our Love
A candles burning melt and finish at the end
The fire extinguish at the end
But The love I have for You in my heart
Will always remain in my heart and will
Grow more and more with the passage of time     
Painful Fact of the “LOVE”
“He who loves the roses will have to deal with thorns too,
Therefore it should be a careful beginning if you happen to do”
(D.H Thomson)