Friendship Wishes - SMS

A very Nice Statement About “Friend”

A Sincere Friend is Exactly Like the cool Shadow of a tree
After getting tired of hot troubling weather, you can sit
In this cool shadow of your friend which relaxes you a lot

I am proud of you my sincere Friend     

Basic Rules of Real Friendship
Doing Good Without Expecting Return
No Formalities like (Sorry & Thanks)
Giving Time
The Factor of Pure Likeness
These are the elements of Real Friendship     
A Good Friend is Just Like The Nice Fragrance
When You have it, You feel its Pleasance
Even others around You can feel its Pleasance
& When You don’t Have It
& You remind Yourself about It
It makes missing that Fragrance
But Still Makes Comfortable, Happy & Feel Good
My Fragrance Always Be There Around me.     
Each time You support me….
Each time You encourage me…
Each time You Fight for me…
Each Time You fight for me
Each time You try to maintain our friendship forever
You make me realize your Value
That I am very much Luck to have a great friend Like you     
Friendship is Just Like the string…
If it break, It can be tied Again to join it..
But then a knot come at the point of the joint…
So Always Be careful about you Friendship
& Never break Your Friendship
Because The friendship May be maintained again
But an bad mark of break will remain on string of the Friendship…
Sweetness of Sweets, Chocolate & Sugar remain
On the Tongue For Some Time & finishes after some time
But Sweetness of Special Friend like You Remains
In the heart always & forever.
Always Keep Happy     
Never Keep Your Nice Friends In Your Eyes…
They may fall down as tears from Yours Eyes Some Time..
Always keep Your Nice Friends In The Heart
So that they remain there forever & Every Heart Beat may
Reminds You of Them that There is some always for You….     
A good Collection of Beautiful Roses
Specially for You My Special Friend
Because A rose is a Token Of Friendship
Save my Roses Until They turn Dry
& Always be a good friend of My
Sweet Friend Always Blossom Like Roses     
Have You Ever Thought What Is FRIEND
Let Me Tell You
FRIEND is Short Form of
F= Forever accompanies You
R= Remembers You In Good Wishes & Prays
I= Increase Your Confidence, Happiness & Peace
E= Enters In Your Mind & Heart
N= Never tries to Hurt You
D= Decrease Your Sadness
So I have a great respect for You My Friend     
Alphabets always Starts from “A, B, C….”
Numbers always starts from “1, 2, 3…”
Music Always Starts from instruments & Beats
River Always Starts with the flow of Water
Days always starts with rays of Sun
Night Always Starts with appearance of Moon & Stars
But Friendship Always Starts from “Me & You”