Friendship Wishes - SMS

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Dost Kabhi Doston Say Khafaa Nahe Hotay
Mel Jay Dil Tu Khabi Judaa Nahe Hotay
Bhula Dena Mairi Khamiyon ko Tum
Kio Kay Insan Khabi Khudaa Nahe Hotay     
1 Boy Ko Pata Lag Giya Kay Wo 3 Mints mai Mar Jayega
Us nay apnay LOVER our FRIEND duno ke 1 msg send kia
“I am going to die, Khuda Hafez”
Lover Replied: “Jab Tum ab Ja hi rahy tu es mai hum kia kah sakty hain..ok bye”
Friend Replied: “Ruk mai aaraha hoon, Dono aik Saath Jaatay Hien”
Moral: The FRIENDSHIP is far more better Than the LOVE     
A very short but impressive Statement by a Real Friend
“No doubt You should Hurt me with the Truth But please Never make me happy with the lie”     
Faslay Bhi Dosti Ki Pehchaan Howa Kartay Hain
Na Janay Kio Log Pareshaan Howa Kartay Hain
Yai Haqeeqat Hay Ke Jahan Toot Ke Chaha Jayee
Wahan Becharnay Kay Imkaan Howa Kartay hain     
A Great Philosopher has very beautifully quoted
“Friends are like the blood, They can’t be seen on your Skin but they comes out whenever You are wounded”     
A human Being Is a social Being
It cannot remain alone…
It will have to mix in society
Have someone for itself
To share with, its joys and sorrow
To take a psychological Support
You are my that one “Friend”
Always be with me…     
Boht Khubsorat Hai Yai Duaa Hamaari
Phoolo Ke Tarha Mehkay Yai Zindagi Tumhaari
Mujhay owr kia chahie Zindagi may Ae Dost
Kaabhi Khatam Na Ho Bus Yai Dosti Hamaari     
Dosti Ke 5 Zarori Usool...!!
1 :: Mubabbat
2 :: Qurbaani
3:: Wafadaari
4:: Ittehaad
5 :: Aitemaad

Take care of these five things if You want to save your friendship     

A True Friend is Just like a Diamond
They are Rare & Real
& Everyone wants It
A False Friend is like Sand & Dust
They are found Everywhere
But No one Like Them
Dear Friend! You are My Diamond