Friendship Wishes - SMS

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I Need Only Three Things
The Friends
Sun for the Day time
Moon for the Night Time
You My Sweet Friend for My whole Life     
Basic Rules of Real Friendship
Doing Good Without Expecting Return
No Formalities like (Sorry & Thanks)
Giving Time
The Factor of Pure Likeness
These are the elements of Real Friendship     
Friends are always Like a Mirror
You look yourself in this Mirror
& You See in it You good & Bad Qualities…
It always motivates for good things & discourages for bad things
Have a great Respect for True & Sincere Friends     
My Dear Friend
I am only Yours
You taught me to Love
You taught me to Care
You Taught me To do Good to others.
Now If The world even Puts Ban On me
I will not Care for that Because You have become My world     
Friendship is not a thing which may be written on a paper
Because the Paper Can Be Torn Any time
It not even a thing that may be written on the rock
Because A rock can also Break after Many Years.
Friendship is written on the walls of Heart
Because the feeling inside Heart strengthen it with passage of time.
I have written our friendship on My heart and You live there inside…
Heart has total Four Chambers
1 Chamber For Family Members
1 Chamber For Relatives
1 Chamber For Teachers
1 Chamber For Hobbies
No Chamber for the Friends
Because the Friends are the Heart-Beats Itself
& the Life is just due to these Heart-Beats…..     
Once a Fish was Saying to Water: You Can Never See My Tears Because I live in the Water
Water Answer: My Friend I always feel Your Tears Because You Live in my Heart……
It means Friendship enables us to understand feelings of our Friend
Because Friend may live anywhere around us, But still there place is always in our Hearts
Sometimes I See Tears In Your Laugher
Sometime I observe Sadness Behind Your Happiness
Though I can Understand Still U keep Me Happy
Then I think Sometimes I do the same
Yes It’s a real Friendship Where
You understand unsaid things & Unexpressed Feelings of Friend     
The Meaning of Friendship Is
Loving Without Limitation
Giving Without Expectation
Helping Without Hesitation
Remembering without Communication
So always Maintain the Chain of Friendship     
Ek Sweet Shair Mere Sweet Friend Ke Lie
Mai Bhool Jaawon Tumhay Kesi Baat Kartay Ho “Faraz”
Khabhi Din Nay Bhe Agaaz Kiya Hai Soorat Kay Bagair..