Friendship Wishes - SMS

Page - 3
It is not the only word “FRIEND”
But The real Meaning of the word “FRIEND”
F = For Your Caring
R = Really Sincere With You
I = Increase Your Pleasures
E = Erase sorrow from Your Life
N = New Hope for Success In Your Disappointments
D = Decrease Your Bad Qualities
So always Value Your Friends     
Friends are exactly like different pages of book of the life
Each Page Having Different Topics
But A best Friend is the Index Page of the book of life
Which covers all the topics of life
Thanks for Being the Index page of My book of life.     
Expressing Deep Feeling For a Friend Like You In
Urdu Shair
Mere Dost Allah Karay Ke Tum Jiyo Hazaat Baras
Owr Her Baras Ke Hon Hazaar Saaal     
Ek baat EMAAN Se Sach batana
Es Dunya mai Tum Nay Aisa Konsa Naik Kam kiya hai
Jeski Waja Se
Maira Jaisa acha dost Ap ko Mel Giya     
My Friend
You cannot “SM-LE” without “I”
You cannot be “F-NE” without “I”
You cannot “W-SH” without “I”
You cannot be “FR-END” without “I”
It show that ‘I’ am very much Important For You
Still I cannot get “S-CCESS” without “U”
It means “U” are also equally Important for me     
Dost Tu Zendagi Ka Chaand Hota Hay
Dil Ke Zameen Asmaan Hota Hay
Bad-Naseeb Tu wo Hota hay Jin Ka Koi Dost Nahe Hota
Kio Kay Dost Badshah Bana dete hai Ke Dost Sar Ka Taj Hota hay
My dear Friend Hamesha Mere Sar Ka Taj Rahna     
I want to say
My Friend..!
I have Locked You in My Heart..
& I threw it’s the key of this Lock in Deep Ocean
So that I may never find this Key again
& You remain in my heart forever 

Stay Blessed !!     

Friends are like the Fishes in river
We have to sit and wait to catch the good one
Exactly Like I caught You
So Live nice with me Otherwise
I shall FRY YOU my fish     
Dost Kabhi Doston Say Khafaa Nahe Hotay
Mel Jay Dil Tu Khabi Judaa Nahe Hotay
Bhula Dena Mairi Khamiyon ko Tum
Kio Kay Insan Khabi Khudaa Nahe Hotay