Friendship Wishes - SMS

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Koi Kahta Hai Ke Dosti Nashaa Ban Jaati Hai
Koi Kahta Hai Ke Dosti Sazaa Ban Jaati Hai
Lakin Dosti Agar Dil Se Karogay tu Dost hi
Jeenay ki Waja Ban Jaati Hai 
Stay Happy and Joyous My Friend     
Alone I can only say…
But We together We Can Also Share talks
Alone I can Only Smile…
But Together We can also Laugh
Alone I can only Enjoy…
But Together We can also Celebrate..
It is what we call the real Sweetness of True Friendship
That Alone we are Nothing But Together we are everything
Funny But Very True Saying….
Love is just like the Missed Call, It Just Stops before You try to Catch
But the Friendship is exactly like an SMS, Which Comes To Your Inbox
& Stay There for your ease…. You read it whenever You want
It makes you smiling happy
Always Have Special Place For Your Friends     
Love is the special Term for only
“The Care”
The Care is the Special Term for only
“The Friend”
Friend is the Special Term for only
& You are Special for ME 
Have a Happy Life my Friend     
Dosti Naam Hay Dukh-Sukh Kay Afsanay Ka
Dosti Sabab Hay Sada Muskuranay Ka
Yai Koi Pal Do Pa Ke Reshtadaari Nahe
Dosti Wada hay Umar Bhar Sath Nebhanay Ka     
A philosophical Statement of a Close Friend
“I do Not Care if You Disturb Me any time But surly it disturbs me whenever You Do not Disturb Me”     

Love is like a “PANT”
& Friendship is Like a “CHADDI”
Agar PANT Phat bhe Jaye Tu “CHADDI” ezzat bacha Leti Hai.. Lolz

Thanks a lot for becoming my friend     

Friendship is the promise to understand each other…..
Friendship is the promise to respect each other…..
Friendship is the promise to remember each other……..
Friendship is the promise to share joys & sorrows……..

You are my friend and the promise for all these things. Live Long!!     

Friendship is Just Like the string…
If it break, It can be tied Again to join it..
But then a knot come at the point of the joint…
So Always Be careful about you Friendship
& Never break Your Friendship
Because The friendship May be maintained again
But an bad mark of break will remain on string of the Friendship…