CA (Chartered Accountancy) Pakistan

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is a remarkable qualification of accountancy. CA is administered by ICAP, Pakistan. The head office of ICAP is in Karachi. The regional offices of ICAP are in Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan and Hyderabad.

CA has bright prospects. It is a rewarding career for employment in accounts departments, audit firms, banks, setups relating to income and taxations, commercial organizations, local and international companies. The significance CA is growing day by day due to increasing entrepreneurship across the globe.

This article is for new students seeking admission in CA. It will guide you about courses, admission procedure, eligibility criteria, fees and institutions of CA.

   Eligibility Criteria

There are two routes of entry into CA.

Students are required to complete 4 parts of CA well as 3 year training in order to get CA degree. In each scheme, student has to follow different program path in order to get CA degree.

Full Time Scheme

  • Intermediate level of education with minimum 45% marks (HSSC – 12 years education)
  • or  A-Level with atleast two passes
  • CA Program: These students will complete the first two parts of CA. After that, they will complete their 3 years training. Then, they complete the last 2 parts of CA to get CA degree.

Trainee Scheme

  • Masters (or Graduation) with atleast 2nd Division
  • or  ACCA, CIMA or ICMAP degree
  • CA Program: These students will first complete their 3 years training. After that, they start CA. and complete the four parts of CA to get CA degree.

   CA Program structure

CA Program is divided into following four parts:

AFC-1 Functional English
AFC-2 Business Communication
AFC-3 Quantitative Methods
AFC-4 Introduction To Information Technology
CAF-1 Introduction To Accounting
CAF-2 Introduction To Economics And Finance
CAF-3 Business Law
CAF-4 Business Management And Behavioral Studies
CAF-5 Financial Accounting And Reporting I
CAF-6 Principles Of Taxation
CAF-7 Financial Accounting And Reporting Ii
CAF-8 Cost And Management Accounting
CAF-9 Audit And Assurance
Certified Finance and Accounting Professional  (CFAP) 6 Papers
CFAP-1 Advance Accounting and Financial Reporting
CFAP-2 Corporate Laws
CFAP-3 Business Management and Strategies
CFAP-4 Business Finance Decisions
CFAP-5 Advance Taxation
CFAP-6 Audit, Assurance and Related Services
Multi-Subject Assessment (MSA) 2 Papers
MSA-1 Financial Reporting Professional Competence
MSA-2 Audit Professional Competence

The papers of 1st Part (Assessment of Fundamental Competencies) has only objective type questions which are to be attempted on a Computer.

   Fee structure of CA

Some of the fees of CA Program for 2016-17 payable to ICAP are as follows:

Description Fee
Registration Fee Rs. 14200 (once)
Annual Subscription Fee Rs. 1100   (yearly)
Paper Fee (exam fee)
For first two modules of CA:
Assessment Of Fundamental Competencies (AFC)
Certificate In Accounting And Finance (CAF)
1 Paper = Rs. 3300
2 Papers = Rs. 5600
3 Papers = Rs. 7900
4 Papers = Rs. 10200
Computer Based Exam (CBE)
(only for papers having Computer Based Exam)
Rs. 1100
(additional per paper)

Note. The above fees are payable to ICAP, Pakistan. Besides these fees, student has to pay tuition fee for each paper and registration fee to the college where he or she enrolls for studying CA subjects. The college fees vary from college to college.

   Colleges for CA Program – Admission Procedure

  • CA program is administered by ICAP, Pakistan.
  • CA exams are conducted by ICAP, Pakistan.
  • Tuition for CA program is offered by various colleges in different cities.
  • These colleges are affiliated with ICAP Pakistan.
  • These colleges offer tuition for CA according to the plan and syllabus given by ICAP, Pakistan.
  • Visit the nearest college offering CA program.
  • Fill in the registration form for admission in the college as well as for registration with ICAP, Pakistan.

   Paper Exemption

Students are also given exemption from some papers of CA

  • Students having (HSSC or A-Level) are given exemption from one or two paper of first part depending upon subjects of their HSSC or A-Level.
  • Students having (ACCA or graduate level education) are also given exemption from some papers.

The students, who are eligible for exemption from papers, have to apply for exemption and pay the exemption fee.