Where to Study – Best Place for Study

Normally a student should have the ability of studying anywhere; in his room, in library, in a cafeteria, or in a crowded bus. But still some places may be better for doing study than other places. For example a student may study more properly in a calm place than in a cafeteria where there are a lot of people around. Usually most of the students study daily in a same place that may be his own room. There are several factors which should be considered for selecting a place for study. These factors are explained as below:

  It’s Better To Study at One Place Regularly – Don’t change Your Study Place Too Often

The best thing, a student should do, is to study at one particular place daily. He may study at various places but he should have one common place too that may be room of his home or room of his hostel. Studying at same place daily makes you realize psychologically that it is the place for your study and you can study their more conveniently and properly. It also helps you concentrate on your study.

Never keep on changing places of your study. For instance, if one day you go to a garden for your study, next day you go to library, the other day you sit in your room; you never be able to study effectively. Because it will be difficult for your to make a frame of mind for your study in different places each day.

  Your Study Place Should Have No or Minimum Distraction

It is very important to consider this factor to choose or arrange a place for your study. The place, where you study, should be free from distraction. There should not be such things which are likely to steal away your attention frequently while you are studying. There should be no appealing colours, bulbs changing lights, complex sort of sceneries. Your study-place should be simplest to the possible extent. There should also be no sound distraction i.e. music e.t.c. Surrounding free from distrations will not attract your attention and will not divert you from your study. It would be easier for you to concentrate properly on your subject.

  Your Study Place Should Have These Characteristics

  1. Your study place should have proper light.
  2. Your study room should not be too hot nor too cold – moderate temperature.
  3. There should be a clock on the wall to tell you time.
  4. There should be all study materials properly arranged – your text books, guide books, note-books, pens etc.
  5. A jug of water and a glass.

  Your Study Place Should Have A Proper Chair For Study

Using a chair and a table is the best way to do study. The place, where a student does study regularly, should have a simple chair and a table. Student should sit on the chair and place book in front of him on the table for study. This position is best one for study because it gives adequate position to student and having his book straight in front of his eyes. It helps you develop your interest in study and you can pay more attention to your study.