Time Management for Studies

Time management refers to schedule task by assigning them proper amount of time according to their need. It involves planning about your studies to avoid wasting time by performing all the tasks in time. It also involves sparing time in your all activities to be utilized purposefully. The life of a student encompasses both the academic as well as non-academic activities, such as attending daily class-lectures, book-study, making study-notes, attempting exams; and the other activities including games, hobbies, watching movies and listening to music. All of these activities are equally important for a student.

There should be a balance between the academic and non-academic activities of a student. But the major concern of a student is and should be his academics. A student should manage time for his studies adequately to get maximum outcome in his academics. The most important aspect of managing time for study is to get more time from your routine for your studies and to utilize it effectively. The techniques for good time management for a students are delineated below:

  Plan About Your Studies

A student should always think to plan about his studies adequately. He should think and decide how much to study, which books to study, how to arrange books and other study material for preparation, how to make organized efforts for preparation for exam, how to take help of teachers etc. Planning enables you to make efforts for managing time for each task regarding your studies because it tells how to do and when to do. Doing things haphazardly results in wasting a lot of time. 

  Fix Your Priorities In order of their Importance

Prioritize your academic and non-academic tasks in order of their importance for you. Learn what to first and what to next. It helps in allotting the right time to right thing. Prioritizing your activities gives you idea of which things you have to do a day and in which sequences so it proves helpful in managing time. 

  Be Concerned about the Time to utilize it more Effectively – Have Punctuality and regularity in Life

Time management is only possible if you make your mind to do so by modifying your thoughts. You need to be concerned about your time. You should know the worth of time for you. Being a student you should know the consequence of wasting time so that you can change yourself to utilize your time more productively.

  Learn To Study More in Little Time – Speed up Your Study

Students have to prepare a lot of course for exam in a particular duration. You should have the ability to more work in little time. Try to increase the speed of your study as much as possible. Suppose you can currently study five topics an hour, try to study six topics an hour, then seven topics the next day. Have practice like that for developing skills of doing more study in little time. 

  Say Farewell To Unnecessary Activities – Minimize Irrelevant Activities

Being a student you should do some activities (game, music, movie) for your enjoyment but these activities should be given limited time so that they may not waste your time. There are many activities which waste a lot your time. Think about it. Don’t know waste your time by watching movies or playing game all the day. It is better to minimize such activities which waste your time, and even skip some activities which are quite useless.

  Have Good Sleeping Habits

Sleeping habits affect the daily routine of a student. A student should have a proper sleep so that his brain can relax and he can study the next day.  If you don’t get proper rest and if the time of your sleeping and waking is not proper, it will influence our overall performance. It is better to sleep at night and get up early in the morning but if you like to study at night time, then select another sufficient period of time for your sleep on daily basis i.e. 4 AM – 10 AM. But you should have sufficient sleep, It make you utilize the remaining time of the day effectively

  Make your Surrounding favorable for Study

Your surrounding may have certain things which distract you from you studies. You should have such a surrounding which increases your interest in your studies and so that you can give more time to your studies. You should study in a simple place having no or minimum distraction like cd players, video games player, music instruments, cell phones, or anything which can divert you from your study. Similarly avoid your meeting your friends too much which can waste a lot of your time. 

  Allocate Time to Your Studies and other tasks – making a time list for subjects

Making a time list (a time table or a schedule) for your daily, weekly or monthly tasks enables to give sufficient time to your each activity. Allocate enough time to every task and subject of your study according to its need. Make a list of time for each thing and write it down on a paper which mentions time for your studies, other tasks, and also some time for refreshment.