How To Relieve Exam Stress - Best Tips

Exam stress is a common problem of all students. Most of the students experience exam-stress during the days of their examination. No matter, how much preparation a student has made, he or she will undergo less or more stress of exam – fear of getting less marks or failing the exam. It a common notion that students who have made good preparation for exam are faced with comparatively less exam stress. On the other hand, students who have not made preparation for exam by wasting time throughout the academic session, face severe exam-stress.

Exam stress is the product of the fear of failing in exam or getting little marks in exam. During the days of exam, a student finds two or three days for making preparation for the next paper. Due to little time and more preparation to be made, the student gets pressurized. He start worrying about “If I do not complete my preparation, If I fail in the exam or if I get little marks in exam” and this worry is cause of exam stress.

Exam Stress affects student in following ways:

  1. It refrain students from studying and making preparation during exam. Student finds it hard to concentrate on his subject while study and may even leave the books.
  2. It also affects the well prepared student. Students, who have made good preparation and just need to revise their course, can also be affected by exam-stress adversely.
  3. Severe exam stress may also cause minor health problems i.e. headache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea.
  4. Stress while writing the paper in exam hall affects overall performance of student in exam. He may forget everything about answering the question in paper. He may be not able to answer the question people because he cannot concentrate on paper due to stress.
  5. The exam stress minimizes your score in exam.

Tips to get rid of Exam Stress

Here are some important tips for relieving the stress of exam. These ways really helps a student in relieving the exam stress.

  Think! If the Short Time Of Exam Is Utilized Properly, It ensures Your High Marks in Exam

Exam stress affects you more if you are not well prepared for the exam. It happens when you have wasted your time throughout the academic session and now you have only one or two days for making preparation for your next paper. In such situation you need to encourage yourself by thinking that one day or two days is also enough time for your preparation. Think! If you utilize this limited time in a good way, it can ensure your success. It is a fact that last day preparation counts more. Let the stress not stop you from utilizing the available time. Even if you work in that short time of exam for your paper, you can make a huge difference. Most of the students get higher marks in exam only by studying on the paper night.

  Be Confident of Your Success – Never even think of Failure

Stress is always product of pessimism. When you think on the negative side of things, you subject yourself more to studies. To relieve your exam stress, you should be optimistic about your exam. It means think about success in your exam. Never think of negative thoughts of failure in exam which result in exam stress. You can encourage yourself by thinking that you are a good student and will easily score well in the exam.

  Never Ask Your Class fellows About Their Preparation In the Days Of Exam

Most of the student, during exam days, call (or send text message to) their classmates to ask them about the status their preparation for the exam. It sometimes results in an unpleasant experience when you come to know that your classmate has made a lot of preparation and you haven’t yet done much. If you come to know that you have made too little preparation in comparison to your classmate, it will instill in you’re the fear of not completing your studies in time.

  You Should Only Think about that Time which you used for study in your academic Session and never think about that time which you had wasted

During the days of exam, never recall those days and times that you had wasted in your whole academic session. It will give you more stress in exam. Just forget about that, it is of no use to think about it now. Try to recall the days you have attended the lectures and you have studied your books. It will encourage you and builds your confidence that you have yet learnt a lot to do well in the exam.

  Sometimes Things Should taken Lightly -  Show bravery

Certain things may not be taken too serious that it may affect you adversely. Never think the failure in exam that much serious that it affect your performance and lead you to sure failure. If you want to avoid failure, deal with your stress tactfully. Do not let your exam tension overcome you to stop you from making preparation. Work hard and think that getting less marks will not make the sky fall on you. Display bravery in such situation. Think you will work hard as much as possible, still if get less marks, I will try again. Think a lot of other student just like (having same capacities) will also take the same exam and the exam will be equally easy or difficult for all of us.

  Relax Yourself If you find it difficult to take a start

Exam stress may impact a student so adversely, that he may find it hard to open the book and take a start. He is so discouraged that he thinks opening the book may not benefit him. Similarly, he cannot concentrate on the book even if he opens it. In such a situation, you have to act very tactfully. Think that without take a start you will never achieve anything. You have to take a start. It is better to relax or refresh yourself to relieve your stress by playing a game or listening to music. Forget about exam stress and take a start.

  Develop A Strong Faith in The God – A hope for success and energy to cope with Exam Stress

All of our actions govern by the will of the God who is always merciful to the mankind. Always be hopeful from the God for your betterment. Have a firm belief and faith in the God that he will always help you out. Think and accept whatever he does, is best for us. Think! He is always there help us in every unpleasant situation of our life.