Conjunction is a word that joins words, phrases, clauses or sentence.

e.g. but, and, yet, or, because, nor, although, since, unless, while, where etc.


She bought a shirt and a book.
You can write your paper with a pen or a pencil.
I sent him a letter but he didn’t respond.
She laughed and entered into the room.
He sings songs because he wants to become a singer.
You cannot succeed unless you work sincerely.
I saw him while I was driving my car.
I went to a market where I saw a joker.

A conjunction can be a single word or a group of words.

Single-word conjunctions: e.g. and, but, yet, because etc

Compound conjunctions: e.g. as long as, as far as, as well as, in order to, even if, so that etc


You live a happy life as long as you think optimistically.
I will not tell him the secret even if he insists a lot.
He bought a laptop as well as a bag for it.
Always speak the truth in order to avoid problems in life.
He as well as I had gone to Cinema.
He came here so that you can meet him.

There are three types of conjunctions: 1. Coordinating Conjunctions, 2. Subordinating Conjunctions, 3. Correlative Conjunctions.

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