Past Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense expresses an action that occurred in past. It expresses the following type past-actions:

An action occurred just a little while ago 
I ate an apple.
He caught a bird in the bushes.
I met a friend in the market.

An action which occurred on regular basis in past.
She worked in a factory.
The people paid less taxes in past.
The Ancients believed in superstitions.

Structure of Sentence:

Main Verb: Past Simple Form (2nd form of verb)
Note. 2nd form of verb is only used in positive sentence. In negative and question sentence, 1st form of verb is used as main verb.
Auxiliary verb: Did


  Subject + Main verb + Object
  Subject + Past simple form (or 2nd form of verb) + object

I bought a laptop.
He applied for a job.
I ate my meal.
He met me in the library
She prepared some tea for the guests.
They played the game properly.
He asked me a question.
You qualified the exam.
She laughed to see the joker.
She cleaned her room.


  Subject + Auxiliary verb + NOT + Main verb + Object
  Subject + Did + Not + Base form (1st form of verb) + Object

She did not qualify her exam.
He did not find any job.
He did not buy a car.
They did not go to college.
You did not eat the food.
I did not help him.
He did not come here.
She did not make a painting.
I did not complete my work.
Kids did not like the movie.


  Auxiliary verb + Subject + Main verb + Object
  Did + Subject + Base form (1st form of a verb) + Object

Did you watch that movie?
Did she laugh?
Did I call you?
Did they shift to their new home?
Did he bring his document?

Did you apply for the new job?
Did he meet you?
Did they buy a camera?
Did she sing a song?
Did he come here?