Perseverance in Study – Be Persistent, Don’t stop

Perseverance means to keep your effort continued in spite of difficulties until you accomplish the task. Persistence is vital for success in every field of life. Persistence in study means to continue your study and never giving up due to difficulties in study or other things which divert you from studies.

Most of the students are not persistent in their studies. They start study one day and may leave their books for many days; and then after many days they may again start their study. Such a way, to start study one day, to quitting it for some days and then  start studying again after some days, is of no use. It is not a good habit of study.

Student should be persistent about his studies. He should study daily without giving up it for days. He should take his classes regularly and study his books regularly. It helps a student in many ways. It saves him from wasting time as well as he learns effectively and easily if studies are kept continued on daily basis.

  Why does a Student Stop Study again and again?

Causes of giving up study for days, by a student, are as follows:

  1. A student may find it boring to study because some subjects may be a bit difficult for him and that’s why, he may stop his study for several days. Due to difficulty in understanding or learning a subject may let him lose heart and quit study for days.
  2. Sometimes a student gets excited about his studies and he may study quite more one day. Studying more one day make him feel confident but gives him a pretence for not studying the other days. Similarly, studying more than his stamina one day makes him so tired that he needs many days to refresh him.
  3. A student may get engaged in other activities i.e. playing games, watching movies, hanging out with friends at various places.
  4. Students should study on daily basis. Better way is to keep the pace of study moderate having proper time for refreshment as well. It will help them carry on their studies for long without stopping it for days in the mid.

  Why is Persistence Important for Study?

Persistence is important for study in the following ways:

  1. It saves student’s time. It helps student utilize his time properly. If a student studies on regular basis, he will complete his course in time for exam. Those students who don’t study on regular basis, their study becomes a burden for them at the end of session as they are not able to study the all course in a less time during the exam.
  2. The second benefit of persistence in study, which is very much important, is that when a student studies regularly, it is easy for him to learn the next topic properly. When you study one topic today and then you study the other topic tomorrow, your will have idea from the previous topic for the new topic which makes it easier for your to understand the new topic adequately.
  3. Studying on regular basis and not stopping your study instills in you a sense of responsibility regarding your study and exams.

  How to Become Persistent for Study?

The level of persistence in study depends on how much a student is concerned about his studies and exam. But if you face problems in becoming persistent in case of your study, you can adopt the habit of persistence for your studies by considering the following tips:

  1. If you find any subject difficult to learn, don’t fear it. Try and try to learn it. It is also better to get help from your relevant teacher to learn that subject. Nothing is difficult but you should try to achieve it. It is a fact that some subject would be difficult but you have to learn them. Sometime one reading may not be sufficient to understand so give it a second reading or more to learn it.
  2. Never study for too many hours in one sitting. Have a short break after studying for two or three hours.  It will refresh you and you will restore your energy for starting your study again. Short refreshment helps student not to lose their interest in study.
  3. Be serious about your studies. Being a student, it is your job to study and appear in exams. So study persistently so that you can qualify your exam with high grades.
  4. You may have many activities other than study but try to avoid unnecessary tasks which may waste a lot of your time and distract you from your study.
  5. Remember when you newly intend to study after a long time, don’t study too much that very day; it makes your study boring for you and you again stop your study. It is better that you may study little on the first day and then study a bit more the other day, increase your study day by day this way. Increasing slowly and gradually day by day will help you sustain your study for many days.
  6. A student should have good physical exercise daily and proper diet that may keep him healthy and fit for his studies.