How To Sharpen Your Brain

Brain sharpness refers to the readiness of brain to perform promptly to understand, learn, interpret and analyze things; and to solve issues in our routine life. Our brain operates behind all our actions. Our actions involve both brain and physical functions. Still the most of our tasks are majorly and solely dependent on our brain function. For instance, we have to devise a solution for a complicated problem, learning and retaining ideas. These are the tasks which require having good cognitive power.

A sharp minded person learns things conceptually and conveniently. Having a sharp mind helps you observe things or scenarios keenly and promptly. The power of creativity is also deeply associated with sharpness of mind. Sharp mindedness is a sign of powerful thinking style which helps in dealing with situations more adequately. It also helps in acquiring and retaining ideas for long. It helps you explore every aspect of a phenomenon. It helps you cope with stressful situations courageously. It helps you find answers to queries.  Brain sharpness is needed in every walk of life. Here are some important tips for sharpening your brain:

  Exercise Your Brain by Using It To Solve Problems

A body builder in gym tries to lift a heavy weight in his hands to make the muscle of his arm strong in order to enable him to lift heavier weights. The same is the case with brain power. Brain power can also enhanced by exercising it frequently.

Normally every activity of our life needs usage of our brain and serves as an exercise in itself for the brain. Still there are some activities which really engage our brain power– such activities may be routine activities but serves as better exercise for enhancing our brain power. Try to engage your brain power in such things more and more on regular basis. It really helps in sharpening your mind with the passage of time.
Some of such activities can be

  1. Learning a new thing, language or games really helps in awakening the sleeping faculties of your brain.
  2. Various games like puzzle games, chess, snooker and scrabble
  3. Solving analytical problems, mind provoking issues etc
  4. Making certain hand-made things, sceneries, painting etc.
  5. For students - Trying to learn difficult and more difficult subject, writing explanations and essays about various topics on regular basis.   

  Think Critically and Logically – Have A Scientific Thinking Style

The power of your brain depends on the way you use your brain to think, understand, interpret, analyze and observe things. Most of the people don’t have proper approach towards thinking approach. They may think about the apparent dimensions of things but ignore their unseen aspects. They may observe thing very externally. It is not a good habit. If you want to enhance your brain power and sharpen your mind, you should always think critically and logically about things. You should think rationally about things. It is called a scientific thinking style to deal with things. For instance, you need to solve an issue. Consider all of its dimensions, like the causes of problem, impacts of problem, and its various possible solutions for this problem. Never devise a solution to the problem without thinking rationally and logically about it, because if you do so your suggested solution may create more problems than the current one. So it is better to think from every angle considering all the facts about the problem and then select a solution that can solve the problem without creating any other problem. Some things may require more of your attention than other things so give proper time to them to get in to the depth of such things.

  Have Proper Diet Necessary For Brain Function

You intake counts more for your brain function. Eat foods which are rich in those nutrients which are essential to brain’s function. Fish have omega-3 fatty acid and is considered to be very much good nutrient for brain function. Fruits, having antioxidant such as vitamins B, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, lycopene and beta carotene, help to protect brain cells from damage. Apple juice, tomatoes, nuts and grain are also good for this purpose. Always have a good meal at the start of the day - the breakfast, It really helps a lot.

  Daily Physical Exercise Is Essential For Brain Function – Daily Walk or Running

Physical exercise speeds up the circulation of blood to all parts of body including the brain. Oxygenated blood has a lot of nutrient to feed the brain. Therefore, physical exercise is very much essential for brain health. Getting physical exercise enhances the brain power by strengthening the brain cells and their connections in the brain.

  Practicing Meditation helps in enhancing brain power

There are various ways and exercise of meditation which are quite helpful for enhancing your brain power. For example, the most commonly used way of meditation is setting at a calm place, relaxing your body, inhaling a deep breath into your lungs and exhaling your breathe slowly and getting focused on the flow of your breathe. It really helps you in sharpening your mind.

  Have Good and Proper Bed Rest

Human brain, like other organs of body, needs proper rest after being used the whole day. Performing activities of whole day exhaust the brain and affect the function of brain. Therefore, having a good and proper rest at night relax the brain and let it restore its capacity again for the next day.

  Give Up Excessive Use of Tobacco, Tea and Coffee

Excessive use of tobacco, the smoking, suppresses your energy and affect your overall capabilities. Try to cut down the use of tobacco, tea and coffee. Tea and coffee may boost of your energy for short time of period but after some time leaves you sluggish and affect your brain power. New research studies have proved that high content of sugar in your diets has a bad impact on the function of brain.