How to make a Study Time-table

A student’s most valuable resource is time. A student should be aware of the value of time in order to become a brilliant student. He should know how to use his time productively. Making a timetable for studies makes a student punctual for his studies. A timetable prioritizes your activities and all the subjects for study included in your course. It tells you when to do a thing and how much time to do it. 

Let me tell you a stepwise the method of making a timetable.

  Write down the names of common activities that you do daily

The first thing you need to do is to have an idea of all common activities, you do in your daily routine i.e. playing a game, sleeping, listening to music, using social websites on internet etc. Write them on a paper to have clear view of them.

  Write down the names of your subjects or books that are included in your course

You are tight various subjects or books in you class. You need to study these books for your exam. All these subjects or books are part of your course. Write names of all subjects or books included in your course.

  Calculate The Time That You Have Apart from the Time of college or school and sleep

Taking classes at school (or college) and sleeping are parts of student life. When a student comes home back from his school or college, he has quite enough time for his common activities and studies until he sleeps at the night. It means that timetable is made for the time duration student have other than his college and sleep time. Calculate how much time you have.

Suppose a student comes to his home or hostel from his school (or college) at 2 PM. He sleeps at 12 AM at night. The time duration from 2 PM (when he comes back home) till 12 AM (when he sleeps in the night) is 10 hours. It means a student will make his time table for this time period.

  Allocate Time To Each Subject and Other Common Activities

When you calculate the amount of time available to you, the next step is to divide this available time on all the subjects and other activities (games for refreshment etc). This allocation of time to each subject or book should be done very carefully. Remember the following tips

  • Some subjects may need more time than other subject – amount of time should be allocated on the basis of the length of syllabus of subject, it is easy or difficult to learn it e.t.c
  • Difficult subject (which need more concentration) should be given time in those hours of the day when you are enough relax to concentrate on it
  • Easy subjects may be given time in late hours (night), because at night you may be tired and may not concentrate on the difficult subject so better to study easy subject at night
  • Some time should also be allocate for getting physical exercise or playing some game which refreshes your mind for further study
  • Try to allocate in proper way to make a workable timetable so that you can follow your time easily.

  Write Your Timetable on A Paper

Take a white paper. Draw table having few rows and two columns. Write time for each subject or book in one column. Write the name of each subject (or book) in the second column. The name of each subject or book and its time should in same line of both column so that you can easily know the correct for each subject. You time table is ready.
You can also add more columns if you want write different arrange of subject for each day of week.

  Paste Your Timetable on a wall in Your Study Place

After making your timetable on a paper, it is better to paste the timetable on a wall in your study place so that you can easily see it every time to follow it.