Tips for Parents for education of their Children

Family of a child is the major source of socialization of the child. A child spends the initial years of his life among his or her parents therefore parents are the major source of learning for a child. The overall performance of a child depends upon the training they get from their parents. It is a fact that those students make more achievements in their educational career, who gets proper attention from their parents than those students who are neglected by their parents. There are certain necessary things which parents should consider for raising and training their children so that their children can do well in the education as well as general life. Parents should be aware of how to socialize their children, how to take care of them, how to educate them as well as considering the best steps helpful for their education, how to influence them in a positive way to let them adopt good habits and many more.

Let me explain the very necessary things which parents need to know for playing their role adequately for the education and general betterment of their children

   Parents Should Give More Time And Attention To Their Children

Children should be given proper attention. Giving attention to your children means spending time with them, taking interest in their activities, guiding them for improvement and refraining them from bad attributes. Parents should spend some of their time with their children for playing games with them, discussing with them about general things, asking them about their studies and even helping them in their studies (if possible). It makes the children feel responsible about their studies and other duties. It makes them think they are valuable beings and they have to do many good things. It builds the confidence level of the children and increases their interest in their studies.

Psychology states the children who are deprived of their parental attention, develops many personality disorder which appears in them in their later age.

   Parents Should Give A Conducive Environment to Children For their Grooming

The surrounding of the children should be favorable for their grooming. Parents should provide a friendly environment to their children at home having good relationship between both of the parents as well as among other member of the family. If the surrounding stresses a child, he will not perform well in his studies.
Apart from parents should make home environment favorable for the child’s study so that they can study with concentration i.e. turning off TV and music while their child is studying. Such things should be removed from the surround which can divert the children from study.

   Parents Should Encourage their Children – It improves their capabilities

Children should be encouraged to perform well. Parent should not rebuke their child, If the child cannot perform well in the studies or gets low marks in his exam. Rebuking lets the child get disheartened and he lose interest in his studies. Parents should encourage them to make more effort for good achievements. Parents should also appreciate their child if the child does well in the studies and exams. Getting appreciation on doing well child will increase his effort in order to gain more appreciation from the parents.  

   Parents Should Visit the Teachers of Their Children at School and College regularly

Parents should have contact with the teachers of their children on regular basis. They should ask the teacher of the school and college about the performance of their children, improvement and weaknesses of their children in studies. When parents know these things about their children they will be able to take steps accordingly regarding the education of the children. Meeting teachers and discussing with them about their children create a sense of responsibility in the children regarding their studies and exam.

   Parents Should Talk to their Children about Their weaknesses and Problems

Parents should be fully aware of the problems and weakness of their children. Parents should discuss it with their children and ask them about complication they have in their studies. A child may have some complication which refrain him from studying well. Parents need to know about it and help them to get a solution for their problem.

   Parents Should Have Their Eye On Activities Of Their Children

Parents should be aware of all the activities of their children. They should have eye on the routine activities of their children. They should see their child may not be wasting a lot of his time and energy in useless things. If they are engage in wasting their time (i.e. playing video games for all the time), parents need to stop from doing so in a proper way.

   Parents Should Help Their Children Improve Their General Habits and Skills

A child needs to learn many study habits and other good habit i.e health habits, sleeping habits, eating habits, dressing habits etc. Parents are the only source to teach them all these things. Parent need to advise them to sit to study, sleep in time, eat in time. Apart from that other skills (communication skills, writing skills) should be taught to them.

   Parents Should Have Proper Behavior To Advise Their Children

Parents show love for their children at some occasions as well as strictness towards them some occasions. But there should be a balance in the love and the strictness. Parents should not be too much harsh to their children if they make a minor mistake. Minor mistakes can be rectified by love as well. But if a child gets engage in something very much bad which can affect him adversely, then parent should prohibit their child strictly. Parents’ behavior should be authoritative while prohibiting their children from bad things. Parents should not beat their children physically; it creates many psychological disorders in them.