When to study – Best Time for Study

The suitability of time for study has a deep impact on the quality of study. A student must think which time (part of the day i.e. morning, noon, evening or night) is more appropriate for his study. The suitability of time varies for each student depending on his routine tasks. Various factors are to be considered for selecting a time as suitable for your study. Class timings, paid job timing, sleeping habits, freshness of mind and other such factor determines which time be selected for study.

Some students like to study in morning or evening as they perceive these timings more appropriate for effective study. Other students may also prefer to study at night as they think night is calm and conducive for study.

Ideally you should be able to study anytime you have in the day. But due to certain factors, a student may have to specify a time for his study. No matter whichever time you view as suitable for your study, you should be able to utilize that time properly. You should know how to maximize your available time by studying more in less time. In other words, you should have the habit of speedy study to avoid wasting the time.

Now, we will briefly look at the criteria for selection of time by considering few common aspects of various timings. Morning time is viewed as ideal time for study by most of the students as they think they are pretty relax after long bed rest in night. It is true that with relaxed mind it is easier for you to understand and learn more easily. On the other hand, morning may not be suitable time for students having their classes or paid-job in morning. Students having morning classes may not view morning as ideal time for their self-study.

Many students also prefer night to be ideal time for their study. Such students think that night (late night) provides them a calm environment as all the people fall asleep. They view night as more conducive for learning. In night they have comparatively less distractions and they can concentrate on their study properly. On the other hand, in night one feels too exhausted to study. The brain has become tired in the night due to tasks of the entire day. One feels quite sleepy in the night as it is naturally a time to sleep. Even if you manage to study all the night, you will be feeling sleepy in the morning classes due to sleeplessness.
The above discussion never means that no time is suitable for study. The aim of the above discussion is to introduce you to pros and cons of various timings and to help you choose a time by thinking on it various dimensions. The same may help you modify your routine activities accordingly for your study.

Some important tips for selection of study-time are as follows:

  1. Choose a suitable time for your studies considering your routine activities
  2. Some subjects need more time and attention than other. Study such difficult subject the part of day when you are completely relax i.e. morning
  3. Try to minimize useless activities to give more time to your studies
  4. Manage your time by making a time-table in order to use your time properly
  5. Even if you want to study in the night or mid-night, try to have proper sleep as well in other part of the day