Making a Study Schedule - Study Planning

Planning for study

Good planning is a key to success in every walk of life. Success in anything depends upon how well you plan tasks for it. The secret of successful students lies in their adequate planning about their academics. They plan about their academic activities, such as attending class-lectures on daily basis, doing self-study, making study-note and preparing for exams. Their work is never hap hazard. They think what to do and when to do. The follow a study time-table based on adequate planning about their academics. Some subjects require more time and attention than others. Such subjects are given priority while scheduling the courses.

Planning makes it easier to get the desired success in exam. Every student should properly plan about his studies in order to become a successful student. It helps in saving the time and completing courses before the exam. The planning should encompass every aspect of your studies. Planning is something more than allocating time to tasks. It involves making class-lectures and books-study run in such a way to achieve maximum outcomes. Students, who do not plan, are always faced with complication in their academics. Being a student, you should think that how many class-lectures will you attend in an academic session and how many books will you need to study. Similarly if you study other study material, you need to take them into account while planning about your studies. Apart from that you should also look at the other aspects of your planning to determine how much work needs to be done in a specific period of time. Once you consider all the areas of your planning, write your points on a page. Think upon your planned schedule many times to make it more workable and productive plan for your studies.

Making a  Schedule For Studies

Making a schedule proves very useful for a student. It makes student punctual and helps him do his tasks in its correct time. It helps him complete his studies in time for exam. Making a schedule a student comes to know that how much part of his course he should complete weekly or monthly to complete his preparation for examination.

If you want to become a brilliant student of your class, you should make a plan and a schedule for your studies. A schedule can be made for a day week or month.  Making schedule depends upon a student and nature of his studies, subjects, and other routine activities. Let me explain to you how to make a simple schedule for your studies. Note! It is a simple schedule just to give you an idea of “how to make a schedule for yourself which is according to your study subject and activities”.

  1. Determine and calculate the total number of subjects (or books), chapters, topics, exercises for lessons, and study units of other study material which you will you must have to study for preparation for your exam.
  2. Calculate the total time available for your studies throughout the session or period till exam. Determine how many days, weeks and months are there for preparation.
  3. Divide total study units (subjects, lessons, chapter etc) on the total time units (days, weeks, months etc) available for preparation. It will reveal an idea that how much study should be done each day or week in order to complete your study and preparation for exam in time.
  4. Draw a table having two columns. Write separate dates in one column and study unit (lesson or chapter or subject) on the other column against the dates for them.

An example for understanding

Consider a student of O-Level having four subjects and five months for preparation. He may make a schedule for himself by calculating total study units and total time available for them.
1st Subject having 170 topics
2nd Subject having 205 topics
3rd Subject having 175 topics
4th Subject having 200 topics

Total Topics : (170+205+175+200) : 750 Topics
Total days : (30 days x 5 months) : 150 Days

Dividing total study topics over total available days = 750 topics ÷ 150 days = 5 topics per day

It gives a very rough idea that if at least 5 topics are studied each day, the student can complete his preparation in time for the exam.