Causes of Student’s Failure or getting Less Marks in the Exam

It is aim of every student to qualify his examination getting highest marks. Every student strives a lot to achieve success in his exam; still many students may suffer from getting low marks or even getting failed in their exams. Such a student may think that he cannot get equal reward for his struggle for examination. He thinks that he made a lot of preparation for the exam but the result was contradictory.

There are several factors for a student’s success in his exam. Every student should learn about these factors in order to become a successful student. These factors are “how to study productively, how to make preparation for exam in proper lines, how to create useful study notes, way of learning things, how to concentrate on subject, how to reproduce you answers in paper in appealing way, importance of taking lectures at classroom, how to manage time for studies, Strategies for taking exam, selection of good books, and student level of concern about his studies. If a student gets low marks in exam or does not qualify his exam, it means he ignores focusing on one or more of these factors.

Most common causes of getting low marks in exam are as follows:

  A Student May Not Know How To Study Productively

Most of the students do not know the proper method of doing study. They think study means merely reading the words of their lessons. Studying something means to learn and understand. Reading should be done with full concentration to learn and grasp the idea in each sentence of the lesson. Cursory reading is not good way of study.

  Improper And Misdirected Preparation for Exam – A cause of Failure

It is a common problem of majority of the student that their preparation for their exam is misdirected. Preparation should be made in the lines of exam, according to the nature and format of exam. The preparation for exam must be initiated right from the first day of the session including attending lectures, studying by yourself, writing study notes, selecting good books. Read “how to prepare yourself for exam”

  A student who Can’t Make Good Study Notes

Creating good study material and notes prove very much helpful in achieving success in exam. It should contain all what you need to learn. Such study material are easy to revised and understand. Usually student may not know how to create helpful study notes which results in their getting low marks in exam. Read “How to create helpful study notes”

  A Student May Not be Aware How To Answer According to the Nature of Question

There are various type format exams having different type of questions. Every type of question should be answered in exam in its proper way. Explanatory answers should be written properly containing all the idea regarding answer in proper way. If a student is not aware of how to answer different type of question properly, it is expected that he may not get good marks. Read “Answering various type of questions accordingly”

  A Student May Not be Aware Of the Exam Taking Strategies

Test strategies caries a huge importance for getting higher marks in exam. A student should learn how write his exam, how to start and end exam, how to present his ideas in a appealing forms, how to use headings and topics, how to utilize time given for exam properly, how make your paper look more meaningful and appealing to the checker.

  A Student May Have A Problem Of Time Management For Studies

Many students face problem of managing their time for studies. Students have many activities other than studies as well, i.e. games, hobbies, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with friend at various places e.t.c. A brilliant student knows what to do first and what to be done next so that he may give proper time to his studies to complete his course in time.