Start Your Study Right Now - Avoid Delaying Habits

It is pretty funny but it is a fact that whenever students think of starting study, they always think of starting it from tomorrow. It is a very common and universal habit of the students. Most of the students decide that they will start their study from tomorrow but they make the same decision tomorrow to start their study from tomorrow. In this way, their tomorrow, to start their studies, never come. Each day they repeat the same line, I will start my studies from tomorrow because today I am too tired to start or I have important tasks to do today. A student may keep on delaying his studies to the other day and may never start his studies any day. Such students are lazy. Such student may have many other excuses for taking start from the other day. Delaying studies to the next day may be kept continued for months even sometimes the exam approaches but the student might haven’t studied anything for his exam.

  Impacts of such delaying habits

  1. It wastes the precious a lot of time of student. Thinking, to start from the next day, satisfies the students with his own created logics and allows him to keep on wasting time until the exam approaches.
  2. If you skip your studies daily, it becomes a burden on you day by day and it will be difficult for you to cover your all courses before your exam.
  3. This habit lets you lose your interest in studies.
  4. If you skip attending your lectures, you may miss a lot of useful information which helps in writing your exam.
  5. Due to burden of a lot of study, you may experience a severe stress during your exam.

  How and Why Should Study Be Started Now

One of the precious resources for student is times which runs constantly and never stops. A student should know the worth of time and should utilize it in proper way. Brilliant students have habit of starting their studies from the first day of their academic session because they realse they will have to appear in exam at the end. They think that being a student their most important task is to study their books. They attend their lectures and do their self-study regularly. Being a student they know their goals very properly. Nothing else can divert them from their studies or inhibit the process of their study.

Delaying you studies for the next day and then starting never, is synonymous to deceiving oneself. You should take start from today and from right now. Never cheat yourself by satisfying yourself that you will study your studies from tomorrow. The time is running and will never wait for you. Stop yourself from wasting your precious time and open your book right now and take a start write now because if you are not able to start your study now, you will never be able start it any time.

Don’t wait for the next day. Right today - right now is the right time to start your studies. Throw all the excuses out of your mind which refrain you from taking a start. A student may have many things to do in his academic life but the most important task for him is his study, so give your most preference to your studies in the priority-list of all of your activities. Some common excuses which make student delay their studies to the next day are “he is not in a good mood that day” “the weather is too harsh to study that day” “he wants to watch a movie that day” e.t.c. Such common excuses let student shirk his work. See being a student you should be able to study anywhere and anytime, so never think that you will only study in an ideal situation.

Start your studies from right now and do study on regular basis. Similarly attend your lectures at classroom regularly and make study-notes from your lectures and your books which can help you in preparation for your exam and never stop.

The purpose of writing this page is to address the common problem of all students – the problem of delaying study to the next day and never starting study. The purpose is to inform students about the bad impact of this problem on their educational career and to devise a solution for this problem of student.