How to make Preparation for Exam - Guidelines

Making preparation for exam is an important part of academic life. Students learn their courses by attending lectures and studying on daily basis. They need to appear in exam which assesses how much they have learnt throughout an academic session. Students, who know the methods of preparation for exam, score high in their exam. The important tips for making preparation for your exam are as follows:

  Make A Plan For Studies To Manage Your Time

Making a plan and managing time for achieving something ensures your success. Normally, the preparation for exam starts from the very first day of the academic session. You must make a clear plan to complete his studies in time to avoid getting stressed during exam. Your plan should be based on calculation of how much work you require in the academic session to complete your studies before the exam starts. You should devise a road map reflecting number of lessons and chapters; as well as a schedule for them. You can make such a plan by calculating the available time in an academic session and the amount of courses you have to study in that session. It will help you utilize your time properly to complete your studies in time.

  Attend Your Classes Regularly and Keep on Studying Till Exam Day – Persistence

Never skip your lectures. Lectures plays important role in success in exam. Apart from your lectures, you should also continue your self-study on regular basis. Never stop. If you miss your lectures or stop your self-study for long, your studies will become burden for you and you will not be able to cover all the your studies in the short time available during exam for making preparation for paper. Continued study helps in many ways: it helps you learn properly, it save your time and it enables your complete all your course in time. The most important benefit of continued study is that you have ideas from your previously studied topic which help in learning the next topic easily. Persistence is a habit of successful people.

  Prepare Study Notes For Exam

Study-notes are crucial for preparation for exam. Good study-notes have all the important study material. It ensures speedy preparation for exam. Try to write your study-notes on regular basis during your academic session. Collect points from your class-lecture as well as the books your study yourself. It should be prepared in proper sequence. It should have everything you require for speedy preparation for your exam.

  Revise Your Course Many Times

Studying a subject only once is not enough. Study courses should be revised by student as many time as possible during the academic session. One time study may make you learn the subject to some extent but when you revise it you learn more and more. Student need to retain what he learns so that he may be able to reproduce the learning in writing his exams. Revising a subject few times enables student to retain the learning (understanding) of the subject in his mind for quite longer time.

  Don’t Skip Topics or chapters considering them Unimportant

Every and each topic of a subject has equal importance. Don’t skip any topic thinking that this topic is not important and may not be asked in exam. It leads to failure in exam. Study every topic don’t skip topic considering them less important or difficult one. The exam paper is made in the entire subject, not in selected parts of subject.

  Practice the Questions-Papers of Previous Exams

Every subject has some sample paper. Read these sample papers. It reveals the format and nature of your exam. It tells you which kind of question will be asked in your exam i.e. long explanatory question or short question or questions having multiple choices. When you have the idea about the format of your exam, you can prepare yourself accordingly for your exam. Your institution or academy may conduct several tests after period of few months before the final exam. Try to take these tests. It tells you the level of your preparation (at particular time) for the final exam.

  Your Preparation Should Be According To the Nature of Exam

Prepare yourself according the format and nature of questions asked in your exam. Various exams comprise of various type of question i.e. those question which require long explanatory answers, questions which need to be answered in few lines only, scenario based questions, analytical and theoretical question. So it is better to understand the format of your exam and then make your preparation accordingly.

  Study In normal Days Just Like you Study in the Very Days of Exam

It is a fact that student prepares one entire subject in one or days for the next paper during the exam. The reason is that he is under pressure of exam as well as he fears getting less marks in the exam. But, normally in days other than exam, students do not prepare their courses so speedily in a short period of time. But the exam situation proves that if a student makes his mind, he can study the entire course in a day in normal days too. Hence, you should own this habit of speedy study in normal days.

  How To Prepare Yourself In Exam Days – The Very Time that counts for success

All the students have to appear in exam at the end of their academics sessions. When the academic session completes, some students may be more prepared for the exam and other may be less prepared for the exam. The days of exam carries quite huge importance for the preparation for exam. Utilize them very properly to get maximum outcome. No matter, how much have you studied though out the whole year but now in the very days of exam, you should try your level best to study more and prepare yourself for the attempting papers as much as possible. It assists a lot in getting high marks.

It is a fact that students are subjected to severe stress in the days of exam. Try to cope with exam stress and don’t let your exam stress hinder your preparation for exam.

You should arrange all the stationery items which you will require for writing your exam, i.e. a ruler, pens, marker pens, pencil, e.t.c. Don’t take anything to exam hall which is not allowed in exam hall i.e. cell phones. Don’t keep waking all the night for making preparation when you have paper the next day. Get proper bed sleep in night.