Entry Test of Agha Khan Medical College - Preparation Guidelines

MBBS from Agha Khan University is a dream of every student. It is very easy to pursue your this dream provided that you make preparation in proper lines for the entry test. The entry test is designed to assess your conceptual learning. You should be really an inquisitive student to qualify the entry test.  This article covers all the useful guidelines for making preparation for the entry test.

   Preparation for MCQs of Biology, Physic and Chemistry

The books of Intermediate (FSc) are enough for making preparation for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. But the test is designed to assess your in-depth learning; it is suggested to also study books of higher classes (i.e. Bachelors) and some foreign books such as SAT and MCAT. These are the books specially designed for MCQs tests. Such books have a huge MCQs bank, expertly extracted from your theory books.

The course books of intermediate must be read thoroughly. Each topic should be learnt conceptually. Each topic contains many MCQs. You need to study them with full concentration to extract MCQs. Take a pencil and underline information in each sentence which can be asked in a MCQ. Make it your habit. It will help your save your time to revise your topics.  The brilliant student has the skill of extracting MCQs from topic. They generate good question to clear their concept. You should develop this habit.

Here is an example: A student is studying structure of an atom in book of Chemistry. He reads a sentence “Protons exist in the nucleus of an atom”. This sentence make him think that how can protons exist in a same place (nucleus) because protons have similar charge (positive) and bodies having similar charge repel each other. He starts thinking how can proton exist together and why don’t they repel each other. Develop this sort of thinking, because MCQs in the test involve such a way of thinking. Be a keen observer.

Some suggested books are as follows:

  • Course books (i.e. FSc, A-level)
  • SAT-I (for English & Maths)
  • SAT-II (for Biology, Physics & Chemistry)
  • MCAT (a foreign book, not the local ones)

   Preparation for MCQs of English and Mathematics

Apart from these MCQs in English section, a paragraph is given, student has to read the paragraph and write its summative form and answer the questions given on the paragraph. It is quite lengthy paragraph, so candidate should have ability to read with speed to save the time. It is better to practice such paragraph in various books.

English part assesses your grammatical knowledge and vocabulary with regards to its utility. The questions include:

  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Analogies
  • Usage of correct verb, adverb, conjunction or preposition in blanks in the sentence.
  • Dangling modifiers related question
  • Subject-verb agreement related question
  • Sentence correction

Maths part consists of simple but tricky question. Maths questions are based on mathematics of class eight, nine and ten. Questions include:

  • Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication
  • Percentages
  • Ratio & proportions
  • Simple geometry and algebra

The questions are based simple arithmetic but involve some mind provoking tactics. You should learn the tactics of solving questions. Some questions require short formulas which save a lot of your time.

For example, you may be asked a question: What is the sum of natural numbers from 1 to 100? If you start adding all the numbers from 1 to 100, it will take a lot of time. It has a simple formula – if you know the formula you can solve it in seconds.
Sum of digits  =  number of digits(first number + last number)/2
Sum of digits  =  100(1+100)/2 = 5050 Answer

Some examples:
Question: If ¾ of a number is 7 more than 1/6 of the number, what is the number?
Options:  A. 12   B. 15    C. 18   D. 20

Question: If it is now June, what will be the month after 100 months from now?
Options:  A. January        B. April    C. June   D. October


Test-taking strategies are important for MCQs tests. Despite sound preparation, may students fail the test because they do not know the test-taking strategies. Test-taking strategies enhances chances of answering MCS correctly as well as completing test in time by dividing time on MCQs. Here are the important tips which ensure your success in entry test:

  • Time for MCQs test is short. Each MCQ hardly gets one or a half minute.
  • Divide the time on MCQs to get the idea of time for each MCQ.
  • Have a wrist watch with you while attempting the test. Keep an eye on the wrist watch to move on with time.
  • Attempt those MCQs first which you can solve speedily. Leave the difficult MCQs to be solved at the end. Sticking to one MCQ will waste your time for other easy MCQs. Encircle the number of un-attempted MCQs to get to it back in the end easily.
  • Read each MCQ carefully. Think about its answer before reading the given option. If you are not sure about the answer, read the options to know the answer.
  • If you have no idea about a MCQ, look at the given options. Firs skip those options which according to you cannot be the answer. Select in the remaining options. It maximizes your chance of answering correctly.
  •  For answer, you are given a computer sensitive ‘answer-sheet’ having small block or circles. Darken each bloc or circle properly because the sheet is read by computer to mark your test.  Do not just put a tick mark or cross mark in it; rather darken it properly. Learn the correct way.
  • Solve practice tests as many as possible while making preparation for the test to get acquainted with test-taking. It helps a lot.

Test Format

It is very important to understand the format of test of Agha Khan Medical College. Learning the structure of test helps you in preparation for the test. The format of the test is also given on this website in the information section about Agha Khan Medical College Test.

Practice Test - Past Papers

Here is practice test for students appearing in the entry-test of Agha Khan Medical College. This test is based on the MCQs collected from Academies for preparation of the test as well as students who appeared in the test. This Practice Test gives an idea about the nature of the test and helps in making preparation.