Students Jokes - Funny SMS

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Father:: Baita result ka kia bana?
Son:: Dad Ek Good News hai our Ek Bad News Bhi
Father:: Good News Pahlay batawoo
Son: May pass hogiya hon
Father: Excellent !! ab Bad News bhi bata do
Son: Wo yai ke Good News galat hay.
Sometime It is even better to bunk off the class & enjoy with our friends
Because today now when I look back to my life,
My marks never make me laugh, BUT, these memories do make me laugh..!
Ques: There is only one book which is favourite of every student, what is its name?
Answer: “FACEBOOK”
A philosophical statement by a Student:
"Whenever I loving my books
My bed start loving me"
In a test the student left a page blank
And wrote at bottom of page
Purely Dedicated To My Memory Power
Which right at this moment Passed away
1 bacha khait say aalu nikalnay mai Dada ki help kar raha thaa
boht thak giya tu bola:
"ap ne yai sab akhir zameen may dabaye he kio thay?"
***Law of the Conservation of the Knowledge***
"No matter how lengthy the Lecture is, But knowledge before & after the Lecture remains Same”
Ek larki class mai gana gaa rahi thi
"..Zara TOUCH ME zara zara touch me.."
1 larka utha our larki ko choo kar bola
"Himmat hai tu agay gaa kar dikhao…
Question: Hamay 3 Idiots Film se kya Sabaq milta hay?

Answer: Engineering parh kar bhi
Medical ki bachiyan patayi ja sakti hain
Parhaayi 2 tarah say ho sakti hay
1- Shouq Say
2- Dar Say

shouq tu hamay hay nahi
Owr Dar hamay kesi kay baap say bhi nahi